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Deep-Sea Fishing, Helicopter And Boat Tours In The Kitimat Area

The pristine Kitimat wilderness is home to some of the world’s best fly-fishing for trophy salmon and Steelhead. The Kitimat River and many more feeder creeks and rivers produce migrating salmon along this 90 km stretch of ocean to the Inside Passage. These well protected waters offer exceptional fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon as well as some of the largest halibut found on the BC coast. You can fish the easily accessible Kitimat River, or for the more adventurous, the many remote fly-in areas that provide spectacular scenery, tranquility, and great fishing. Depending on the species you seek at the time of year you visit, the fishing opportunities are endless here.

As you experience the salt spray and ocean wind, be on the lookout for sea lions, eagles, orcas, humpback whales and dolphins at play. You may even be presented with the opportunity of seeing bald eagles as they pick a salmon from the salt water or dolphins swimming alongside your boat.

When the challenges of catching that trophy fish have you exhausted, relax in the sulphur-free, natural hot springs of Bishop Bay, Shearwater or Weewanie.

Salt Water Fishing in Pacific Northwest

The north coast of British Columbia is well known for its incredible sport fishing. Kitimat, located at the head of the Douglas Channel, one of BC’s longest inland fjords, provides access to unbelievable salt water fishing adventures.

Kitimat’s saltwater fishing offers anglers several types of Pacific Salmon: Chinook, Coho, and Pinks. Huge Halibut and other fish including Chum, Lingcod, Sea Bass, and Red Snapper also swim near the shores.

Our Fishing Calendar shows the best time to fish.


Freshwater Fishing On The Kitimat River

The Kitimat River is the closest and most popular destination for freshwater fishing. Here you can hook into Chinook, Coho, and Chum salmon, as well as prized Steelhead and trout such as Cutthroat. Nearby lakes and streams are also good for trout fishing.

The Kitimat River is highly accessible, running directly through town. You can drive, walk, or hike to a variety of angling spots in the heart of town, or explore along Highway 37, north of Kitimat, for more privacy. Most fishing spots are easily accessible, and are not restricted to four-by-four vehicle or boat access.

With Kingfish Westcoast Adventure Tours, experience trophy salmon and Steelhead fishing with drift boat, river raft or pontoon boat on the Kitimat River as well as streamside wading on local and remote coastal rivers on the Westcoast of Britisch Columbia.

We specialize in fly fishing and conventional fishing techniques for the aggressive, silver chrome steelhead trout and wild pacific salmons. We give our clients the opportunity to fish our headwaters, tributaries and mainstream Kitimat River. The lower section of the Kitimat river is considered tidal and can offer phenomenal fishing for wild agressive Chinook salmon as they migrate upriver. Prime time to target Chinook Salmon in the Kitimat River Estuary is June to middle of July. Chinook Salmon will be caught till middle of August in the Kitimat River Estuary.


Outstanding Fly Fishing, Kitimat B.C.

Kingfish Westcoast Adventure Tours Ltd in Kitimat offers you a fly-fishing holiday with outstanding service and world-class fresh water fishing in British Columbia.

Our spring season starts in April and ends in May. During that period you will be able to fish steelhead and Chinook salmon on the same day! Our summer season for Chinook salmon starts at the beginning of June and ends in July. The average weight of our Chinook salmon is between 20 and 30 pounds and often Chinooks up to 50 pounds are caught. From the beginning of July to the end of August we catch Chums, Pinks and Sockeye Salmon. From the middle of August the first Silver salmons migrate up river, followed by the greater Northern Silver Salmon both are caught until the end of October.

With our own Sage and G-Loomis one-hand and two-hand fly rods you have the opportunity to fish the giants of the North with SINK and DRY and BIG FLIES.

This is an epic battle that fly-fishers won’t find anywhere else on this planet!