Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fishing Tour Packages

We want to ensure you have all the information about our fishing tours packages and tours as well as about our B&B to make well-informed investment decisions. Below are answers to the most common questions we receive. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us.

Do we need a fishing license?

Yes! you will need a required fishing license for either the freshwater and/or saltwater fishing that you plan to do. Each of these basic licenses are seperately sold. Click on the following links for more information and rates.  Freshwater License and Saltwater License

What should I bring with me on a BC fishing trip?

Warm fleece jacket or windbreaker, Wool or fleece sweater, Sweatpants or lightweight long underwear, Warm socks, Gloves, Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Bathing suit (for hot tub and coastal hot springs), Motion sickness remedies, Camera and video equipment.

Do you provide rain gear?

All guest are provided with comfortable waterproof rain gear and rubber boots.

Should I bring my own fishing equipment?

We provide top quality fishing rods and reels. Guests are welcome to bring their own fishing rods and reels.

When is the best fishing?

Here is the link to our fishing calendar. It will show you the best time during the year to fish for a number of fish species: Fishing calendar.

What are the catch limits?

The following link will take you to the Fisheries and Oceans Canada for current information regarding the catch limits. Click here for information.

Do you pack the fish for transport?

Kingfish Westcoast Adventures will clean, process, cold smoke, vacuum pack, freeze and pack your catch for transport.

What are the best times to come to Kitimat for fishing?

April and May are outstanding for Steelhead in the rivers and Halibut and Chinook salmon on the Douglas Channel.

June is the very best time to back troll plugs and salmon roe in the Kitimat River Estuary for silver chrome Chinook salmon as the migrate upriver to the spawning grounds. You will experience a very active fishing with up to 20 hook ups during a tide change. June and July is also the time to take down the Drift boat on the Kitimat River where you can have great fishing as well for Chinook salmon while back trolling plugs or swinging the fly. In July we start targeting Coho Salmon on the ocean and still catch many Chinook salmon till middle of August, Halibut fishing is very good through the summer month. In the last week of August we start targeting our Coastal Rivers like the Kemano or Kitlope River for Coho salmon and if once experienced you will understand what I tried to explain, almost every cast promises you a Coho Salmon all day long!

The fishing for Halibut is getting really interesting in September till middle of November almost on every Halibut charter we released an oversized Halibut!

So I make a long story short to answer the question, fishing is good all year around in Kitimat, so you have many options to target different fish species at different times.

When do we pay for our fishing tour reservation?

A down payment from 25% will be required when booking your fishing charter. The balance is due upon your arrival and payable at our office or to your fishing guide, unless other arrangements have been made. Payments can be made by online transfer, Cheque, Debit card, Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

How many guests can you take on a guided fishing tour?

For Chinook fishing in the Kitimat River Estuary we can take up 4 to 6 guest.

For Drift boat fishing (Plug fishing) on the Kitimat River we recommend 2 Guest.

For Driftboat fishing (Gear and Fly fishing from shore) on the Kitimat River we recommend 3-4 Guest.

For River raft fishing (Gear and Fly fishing from shore on the Kitimat River we recommend 4 to 6 guest.

For Ocean fishing and overnight trips we recommend 4 guest but we can take up to 6 depending on the package and area we will go.

Is there cell reception?

While fishing on the Kitimat river and Kitimat River Estuary we will have cell reception. While fishing on the Douglas Channel (Kitimat Arm) and Hartly Bay area we will have cell reception. If needed to make important calls, guests can use our satellite phone when we are out of reception.

How do we get from Terrace Airport to your B&B?

We do provide transportation from the Terrace/Kitimat Airport for a reasonable fee.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation with Kingfish Westcoast Adventures Ltd. This deposit is fully refundable up to 30 days prior to your date of arrival. Cancellations after that are non refundable or deposit can be used for a future fishing charter.