Heli Tours in Kitimat, Pacific Northwest: Glacier tours, sightseeing, flight-seeing and more

Experience an aerial tour around the Skeena / Kalum / Kitimat Valleys and Douglas Channel with breathtaking views of rugged snow capped mountain peaks, lush green rainforest valleys, high alpine lakes and meadows, glaciers, waterfalls and blue-green rivers.

  • Picture taking like you have never experienced before!
  • Irreplaceable lifetime memories!
  • The north coast region overflows with fantastic sightseeing wonders.


Heli-fishing – the best angling in the world, only a short flight away. When you want the exclusive best, we get you to the spots no one else possibly can.

Experienced or just casual anglers will appreciate being able to access remote river & lake locations where you can relax and fish all day in seclusion among the beauty of the north coast region.

You will enjoy fishing a range of rivers in the area: Skeena / Nass / Kitimat / Kitlope / Kemano / Kildala / Dala / Bell Irving / Cranberry / Kasiks / Exstew / Scotia and Exchamsiks to name just  a few…

2016 Flight Seeing Tour Rates

2016 Sight Seeing & Tour Information

Bell 206, minimum 3 passengers

15 Minute Tour: $390
40 Minute Tour: $735

AStar 350 minimum 5 passengers

15 Minute Tour: $650
40 Minute Tour: $1225

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All prices are per above. Plus 5% GST.

Explore the spectacular rivers and mountains of the Skeena and Kalum or Kitimat Valleys from the air.

There is no other place like this in the world! Experience breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, alpine lakes, glaciers and waterfalls, so don’t forget your camera!

  • Our 15 minute Mt Vanarsdoll tour is popular with tourists as well as locals. The tour takes you over the mountains just north of Terrace and returns along the Kalum River.
  • Our 40 minute Glacier tour takes you over Sleeping Beauty Mountain and returns along the Kalum River. The glaciers are incredible and the tour is a must for anyone wanting a once in a life time experience and some awesome photos!!

Put yourself on the many scenic mountaintops and alpine meadows in the area. Whether you want to go for a tough hike or a relaxing mountain walk, we can get you, your family and your friends to unique & remote locations with breathtaking views and photo opportunities.

Operations manager, Sid, has logged more than 39 years and 14,000+ hours in helicopter aviation, most of that time flying in the mountains of BC and Alberta. He has a lot of experience in seismic, oil and gas exploration, power line construction, as well as fire fighting throughout the western provinces, including Northwest Territories and the Yukon. He is a qualified rotary flight instructor and over the years has held the positions of Chief Pilot and Operations Manager. He has flown numerous types of helicopters, including Jet Rangers, A-Stars, and Bell Mediums.

We are confident that we can accommodate a wide variety of needs for helicopter flight services, and look forward to having you join us in the sky.

* Tour prices and availability can be confirmed and held with a credit card.

2016 Rates and charges per hour

Bell 206 (Rotary) – 4 passenger
$910/hour (plus estimated fuel $155)

AStar 350 BA – 5 passenger
$1,425/hour (plus estimated fuel $238)

AStar 350 B2 – 5 passenger
$1,550/hour (plus estimated fuel $265)

All prices are per above. Plus 5% GST.